Isatu Kamara
 Mr. Jamal Abdalhade is mentoring young Hakam on olive picking and his love for his land. Mr. Adalhade owns 7000 dunums in the village of Burin, Palestine which is located in a valley surrounded on both slopes by Israeli settlements.
 Haleen, 25, was released 8 days ago from a 3-year prison sentence. A Palestinian refugee he lives in the Aida camp situated 2 kilometers north of the historic center of Bethlehem. Sitting on the rooftop of his apartment building, he shares stories from his time in prison and details about his family history while looking below at the wall that separates Israel from the West Bank. "We are not terrorists," he says. "We are fighting for our rights." - April 29, 2017
 A young boy strikes a pose during a sand storm in Wadi Rum Village, Jordan. This Bedouin community survives on a tourism economy, serving travelers who come to the desert to experience a traditional camp under the stars.
 A young Ethiopian girl walking at dawn to school in the egalitarian community of Awra Amba. Founded in 1980 by Zumra Nuru, the community is home to over 450 residents and promotes gender equality. It remains controversial within religious communities in Ethiopia, as residents don't identify with either of the countries two major religions, Islam or Christianity. 
 Boys praciticng their cricket skills in the narrow corridors of ancient Varanasi.